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Nationwide Health Assessment

Click here for another member's only benefit from Nationwide. 

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Exam Review

If you were not able to make an appointment the day of the exam, call Employment Services at 813-274-8911 to make an appointment to review your exam.

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Barbecue and Open Forum


We will be having another PBA cookout on Monday October 12th (A-Cycle Day) starting at 1100 hrs and ending around 2000 hrs. We will serving hot dogs, hamburgers and refreshments. 

Our sponsor for this event will be Police and Firemen's Insurance Association , so stop in for some food and get information about PBA issues or life insurance from Ben Kiszkiel or our new PFIA representativeSusan Libertz.

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Nationwide Retirement Rollover news

A new law will be going into effect next year which would change the age of when you can receive rollover distributions without penalty. Read the flyer and call Denny Davis at Nationwide. 813-973-8382, with any questions.


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PBA T-shirts


Don't forget! Get your PBA T-shirts today! Blue or Ash gray. Or, start planning for the holidays and shop the PBA store for challenger coins, watches, hats and memorial badges. 

Shop the PBA store.

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2015 Howl-O-Scream discounted tickets

Members only: Click here to continue to discounted ticket price. 

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Calendar contest winner

Congrats to Det. Keith Powell for winning the 2016 Tampa PBA planner cover contest.  President Gericitano presented Keith with his $50 award and a copy of the cover in a frame.  Thanks for coming up with a great idea for our cover Keith. 


Det. Keith Powell


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Non-Facebook contract suggestions

Here is a forum on the message board that can be used for those members that do not have Facebook or do not want to post on Facebook. 

Click here to go to the message board. Only members who are logged in to the site can post and see other posts. 

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Your PBA mentioned in newscast

Fox 13 reporter Crystal Clark mentions the open letter to city council by the PBA at the end of her story.

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An open letter to Tampa City Council
I left Tampa City Council Chambers yesterday disgusted and angry over what I was forced to listen to in regards to the Civilian Review Board. The council needs to be reminded that they not only have a responsibility to its constituents, but also to the police officers that police this city. The officers that city council criticized for racial profiling by asking for an outside, independent citizen review board, are the same officers that helped reduce crime over the past decade. Just because there may be events happening in other municipalities does not mean our police department is encountering the same issues. Over the past five years, the current members of city council sat back and enjoyed the accolades they received about the crime reduction and publicly praised the previous police administration and never questioned their philosophies and strategies that were being utilized to reduce crime. What changed recently to support this same council to claim, as I heard one city council person state “TPD is out of control”? Did this just occur in May of 2015?

The Tampa PBA does not endorse a Civilian Review Board. TPD already has an internal affairs division along with state statutes to govern how officers are investigated and subpoenaed. I caution council that any violation of this law by council could result in litigation to members of the council. Our members do their job and they do it with courtesy, professionalism, and respect. If council thinks officers are not fired, disciplined, or even arrested, then they do not pay attention to the inner workings of TPD. And if they do not pay attention to the inner workings, then how do they know there is a problem? Yesterday’s council meeting looked more like an argument over who has more power and authority to create a review board. If there is a conflict between city council and the mayor, don’t put our members in the cross hairs of your anger.

I am sick and tired of politicians saying, “We support the police” and when support is needed, they are silent. Every month I watch council present a plaque to TPD’s Officer of the Month. Are they really honoring our officer, or just making a presentation? I propose that our members accept the recognition from the Tampa Police Department and, unless our members are ordered by the Chief to attend city council, we stand united and boycott any sort of recognition from council until they change their tone.

As President of the Tampa PBA, I realize the PBA has to work together with council on issues concerning the police department. But I have an obligation to my members to stand up for them when no one else will. They do a great job. I will not tolerate the rhetoric made by a small section of the public who suggested using violence against our members. Those council members that are leading the charge for this review board, and those that sit in silence, should hope that no harm comes to our officers.

I urge council to work with Mayor Buckhorn and his staff to put together a board that is fair and unbiased.

Vincent Gericitano
Tampa PBA

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Announcements for Promotional exam

Members who are logged into our site can click on the link below and get instructions on how to apply on online for the next promotional exam and read the city announcements.

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Don't forget, here is an easy way to support the Tampa PBA Charity Fund. When shopping at Amazon, use Amazon Smile and choose Tampa PBA Charity fund. We only get a small portion of the sale but it all ads up.

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Click on the banner to shop Ranger Up through the PBA.

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PBA Contract ideas

We are in the final 14 months of our contract.  Click here to send us your suggestions for the upcoming negotiations. If you are looking at this on your phone, turn the mobile theme off and it will take you to the page.

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Click here to go to our member forum for information about where to purchase the Supervisory book for the upcoming promotional exam.

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Upcoming meetings



The next Labor Management Meeting will be held on Tuesday, October 13th, 2015 at 9 AM at HQ. Click here to leave any suggestions for the meeting.

The next Board of Directors Meeting will be held on Tuesday, October 20th, 2015 at 2pm at the PBA office located 1302 W. Busch Blvd.

Any items to be included on either agenda must be presented no later than Friday before each meeting.


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New Benefit


We are pleased to announce a new benefit for members that are Retirees or Reserves and their Family and Friends.  Click here to see the flyer from LifeScan.  

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Labor Management Issues

Click here to go to a form to fill out any issues you feel should be addressed at Labor Management.

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What Every Officer Should Know

LEO Bill of Rights & Garrity

A law enforcement officer is entitled to the Law Enforcement Officers' Bill of Rights whenever that officer is under investigation and subject to interrogation by members of his/her agency for any reason which could lead to disciplinary action, demotion, or dismissal.  Routine police inquiries and reports are not subject to the bill of rights protection since the officer is not "under investigation."  Once the questioning or report becomes focused on the officer's conduct for disciplinary purposes, then compliance with Section 112.532, Florida Statutes, is required.

Every law enforcement officer has heard about the "Garrity Rule." Generally speaking, the Garrity Rule prevents "covered statements" from a law enforcement officer "obtained under threat of removal from office" from being used in any subsequent criminal proceeding. As explained by the US Supreme Court, a law enforcement agency, in the course of a disciplinary investigation, cannot compel an office to waive the immunity provided by the Fifth Amendment against self-incrimination.

Remember, if you are involved in a police shooting, in-custody death or serious traffic accident:

  1. Stay calm
  2. Call the Tampa PBA at (813) 228-8900
  3. Ask to speak to a PBA Attorney
  4. Do not talk to anyone until you have consulted with your PBA attorney

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Letter from Steph and Sandy Kocab

It was our pleasure. Thank you for your kind words. Vigils such as these remind us of the dangers of the job and keep the spirits alive of those that have made the ultimate sacrifice for us.


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Thanks Jason for taking the time to write this email.  We were glad we could refurbish the memorial. And thanks to Nick Baez for taking time out of his day to help us. 


From: Jason Tkach
Sent: Monday, July 06, 2015 10:47
To: Vincent Gericitano
Subject: District one fallen officer Memorial 


 Just a quick note to say it was awesome to see you guys out there giving your personal time and sweat to a memorial that was long forgotten and in need of attention. The district one fallen officer memorial became over grown and just something we just walked by without paying any attention too. Please pass along a personal Thank you to you and your work crew for honoring our fallen with your hard work and time.


Jason Tkach, Police Detective 

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Check out President Gericitano's first video message.  Click here. You must be a registered user to see the video.

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LifeScan and Wellness Duty Flex Time

Clarification: The Wellness 2 hours can not be used for days off visits. If you are a midnight or evening shift officer and need to visit the wellness center, make arrangements with your supervisor to flex up to 2 hours to use the Wellness Center for a visit within the same day.

Life Scan Update.
As per TPD Staff, all members interested in utilizing Life Scan / Florida Hospital will be authorized to do so on job time. Midnight and Evening Shift Members will be authorized to flex time for the exam. This time will be authorized by the member’s immediate supervisor pending personnel staffing requirements.

Be aware though, we have just learned that this time is considered "bad time" and you would lose overtime during the week. We are working on a solution for this issue.

Vinny Gericitano

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Click on the banner for more information this benefit.


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At the monthly board meeting, the PBA Board of Directors awarded Sr. Det. Greg Stout with a Lifetime Member Award.  President Gericitano presented Det. Stout with a plaque and PBA watch to thank him for his hard work and dedication to the Tampa PBA.  Greg was part of a group that founded the Tampa PBA Charity Fund to assist families of fallen officers. He was also able to spearhead legislation that allowed members to buy back military and police time to enhance their pension.  Thanks for everything you did to lead the Tampa PBA in the right direction Greg and good luck in your reitrement.



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Tampa Police Special Memorial badge


Tampa Police Special Purpose Mourning Badge

The Tampa Police Department has approved the restricted sale to active, retired or reserve officers only, of a special purpose Mourning Badge that will be commissioned for annual wear during the week of Police Officers Memorial Day, May 15, and for designated special occasions. The badge honors Tampa PD’s fallen with the names of the 31 members lost to date on the back of the badge.

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Click here to read the latest Legal Bulletin regarding body cameras.

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Please read the Capitol Report for the final week of the 2015 Regular Session by Matt Puckett, Florida PBA Executive Director.

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Galls Offers Exclusive PBA Members-Only Discount

Galls  Galls is pleased to announce an exclusive discount on all products.

This discount is reserved for Tampa PBA members only. Sale items include over 500 brand new items and include 40 other exclusive promotions as well.


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Radisson Resort Orlando Celebration
Proudly presenting an EXCLUSIVELY discounted rate for PBA Union members.

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Tampa PBA T-Shirts


 Tampa PBA T-Shirts are in stock

These shirts feature moisture-wicking technology and are available in gray with the black emblem or navy blue with white emblem. Available through the Tampa PBA.

Sizes: S,M,L,XL,2XL

Price:  $12 each

Visit our Online Store


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Home Safe Card

The Home Safe Card was founded by Perry Anderson, a Tampa, Florida, Police Officer, after his nephew was involved in an alcohol-related head-on collision. The Home Safe Card cannot be used for any other kinds of purchases, which ensures that it cannot be misused or abused. As a result, any investment in Home Safe Cards is guaranteed for intended purpose… Transportation Only.

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Benefits for Same Gender Marriage

Following recent federal court rulings and IRS announcements, public employee retirement systems are required to recognize a marriage between two persons of the same gender for pension and benefit purposes, as long as the marriage was performed in a state which recognizes same gender marriage.

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